Monday, April 10, 2017

Passover Geocaching

Nearly every year we visit the Washington DC area for our family Passover gathering. I always try to find a few caches while there, and this year I was able to rope some other family into helping me find caches including my brother and his wife, and my nephews.
My son and his cousin at one of the geocaches we found
Mainly, wee just needed some outside time in the nearby parks to allow the kids some time to blow off steam, and run around in the woods. The fact that I scored a set of water-pistols from one of the geocaches was just a lucky happenstance.
My bro climbing through thorns to look for a cache we couldn't find.

My son near a cache at the base of an abandoned fire tower.

The kids monkeying around at Meadowside Park

My intrepid caching companion