Moving to Knoxville Travel Bug Race

 2018 UPDATE
Well, it's been a good four years now since this TB race was kicked off and all the TBs are now marked as missing. Two of them made it fairly close to Tennessee, one to Virginia and another to north Carolina. Only one state away! Alas, the 6 TBs have failed to have a discovery or move in over a year now so it's time to put this TB race to bed.

 After 8 years of living in Las Cruces, NM we are finally moving. It was inevitable, my wife finished her PhD and got a post-doc elsewhere. I'm actually quite surprised that we ended up in Las Cruces for so long. I've grown to love this part of New Mexico, with it's rugged mountains and vast deserts. But Tennessee means new adventures. What better way to kick off a new adventure than with a little travel bug race?

I've released 6 new travel bugs all with the mission of reaching Knoxville, Tennessee. With my other travelbugs, I've come to realize that giving them a mission is no guarantee they'll go where you want. But I figure with 6 travel bugs, one of them is bound to make it. Hey, I'm moving out there, why shouldn't they? I will manually update this page every so often to show where they all are, and any notable places they've been.

Name Track Hops Status Current Location Interesting Notes
Fugads' Angry Bird TB61NER 0 Missing??Released 5/7/14 to Updraft58 Las Cruces, NM Declared missing. Don't know why Marcy never logged this one somewhere.
Dream Catcher TB61NF1 21 Missing. last seen in the hands of champster850. North Carolina Climbed 5th class rock to reach MRE. Given to Combatnurse2003 and taken east to North Carolina.
Bonhomme de Quebec 2001 TB61NEZ 4 Missing? Last seen in GC1AH1B Washington Finally moved after months of sitting in Alamogordo.
Land of Enchantment TB61NE3 41 ?? VirginiaReleased 5/10/14 at the Cadillac Ranch. Visited Reno, NV, then to East Coast somehow.

Lost GPSr:Magellan SporTrak

TB61N3V 21 Missing? Perhaps in the hands of Tayl0rr0se Texas Released 5/7/14 to Mr. Waldo, placed in a cache that was disabled! Then retrieved by CO. Given to Anymoore, who I met at an event last fall.

Just Drifting Along

TB61NEQ 1 Missing El Paso, TX Reported as no longer in the cache I dropped it in. Marked as missing.